Courage to change

With the new year upon us, I began to think about all those that make resolutions to change their behaviour.  Resolutions to lose weight, quit smoking, get a new job, start school; all with the full intentions of making these changes in their lives.  Why do they make a resolution at the stroke of midnight?  Is it to strengthen their resolve?  Do these changes happen?  Although they mean it in the moment, chances are that the resolution is soon forgotten and the change falls by the wayside.  Changing anything is difficult and most people resist it.  Change takes courage.

Think about the changes you have gone through in your own life.  Perhaps you were offered a new position at a different company. Or maybe you quit smoking.  Whatever it was, it wasn’t easy and there was some level of fear involved.  You thought about it for a while and maybe even changed your mind once or twice before making the change.  But it didn’t happen over night and you probably had support from friends or family.  What if you had no support?  What if you were homeless with an addiction?  What if you also had a mental illness?  How much courage would it take for you to not only change one thing, but everything in your life?  Welcome to the early days of a Keys to Recovery client.

There are so many changes in such a short time that causes immense fear, but they walk through it.  Some stumble at first.  After all, these behaviours have been engraved into their being as a way to survive the turmoil and trauma they have faced.  For those that do stumble, Keys to Recovery is right there to help them up so that they can continue on their new journey.  They do not lose their home.  They are not judged.  They are supported in whatever way they need to be in order to replace those engraved behaviours with new, healthy ones.  This change takes time and we are beside them every step of the way.  We are so proud of them, but the thing we are most in awe of is their courage.


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